Captains, Sellers & Handlers

The Captains


 The captains have accepted the responsibility for the lawful and responsible operation of their designated booth for the entire festival. This is a four day assignment that carries much responsibility. 

Prior to Shrimp Festival each year, all captains undergo Responsible Vendor Training to learn the law regarding alcohol service. 

We operate the booths 12 hours per day for four days, and the captains are on site and on task for the entire time. They are the Persons In Charge of the operations of the booth and their word is law.Responsibilities: Each day, stocking and icing of the troughs prior to opening at 10:00 AM. Supervision of all sales and distribution according to Responsible Vendor Policy. Supervision of shift changes to ensure proper staffing for each shift. Maintain order in the beer tent with regard to removal and replacement of tables and chairs to proper placement before, during, and after shifts.Closing their booths at the designated time, securing all inventory and sales materials, delivery of all cash to designated supervisor. Final shift Sunday using remaining staff to break down tables and chairs for pickup by tent vendors. The Captains also carry radios to communicate with other Festival staff regarding lost children, calling for help, ice, other materials. 

The Sellers


 The sellers are the front line of responsible service. They sell the tickets to purchasers and must make sure that all sales are to persons of legal age. 

They must handle large amounts of cash and be careful to see that no hands other than theirs or volunteers make their way to the cash drawers. They must check ID of all purchasers appearing to be less than 30 years of age, and assist the handlers to watch that purchasers are not handing their tickets to persons that appear to not be of legal age.

 As shift change or closing of shift approaches, prepare cash to be pulled and ticket numbers to be recorded when the designated cash handler arrives to change the shift. 

The Handlers


 The handlers are the workhorses of the booth and ensure that we are serving beer at its coldest! They are responsible for keeping the coolers stocked, and for seeing that no person is issued more than two beers per person per visit. 

They must keep their eyes open to see that the same person is not visiting several times successively and perhaps delivering beer to a person not of legal age. 

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