What Handlers Do


 1.  OPEN EACH AND EVERY BEVERAGE for which you are presented a ticket. We are classified as an "ON PREMISE" location, meaning that we cannot sell "TO GO".

2.  Do not issue more than two beverages to any person per visit to the booth. (One beverage for each hand makes it easy to remember.)

3.  Tear in half each ticket you are handed by a customer and then dispose of it. Tearing in half ensures that the ticket is not reused. We exchange one beer or one wine for one ticket, period! Do your best to see that the floor in the service area is not littered with torn tickets and other debris. We MUST keep the service areas as clean and neat as possible. Keep a couple of emptied boxes below each service table to use for trash and torn tickets.

4. STOCK AND SERVE BEER AS YOUR CAPTAIN INSTRUCTS! KNOW THIS: a certain mixture of ice and water is essential to keeping beer as cold as it can possibly be, and to minimize the amount of ice we go through. Your arms and hands will often be in very cold water. That is just the way it is! The troughs are large in size and in order to provide the coldest beer possible and eliminate confusion by any volunteer, these procedures are critical to our success. Handlers and stockers will be pulling beer from refrigerated sources and cooling beer as their Captains instruct. These Captains have this down to a science.

5. Break down and flatten any boxes, then stack them in designated areas for quick collection. This helps us keep service areas clean and makes collection easy for trash pickup volunteers.

6. Keep a couple of boxes intact for placing trash in during service. This is important for controlling the size of the trash we generate!!

7. Keep two boxes intact under each side of the service tables at all times to throw torn tickets into. They are easier to dump into the trash barrels that way. KEEP A CLEAN BOOTH!

8. Please assist, whether or not you are asked, to help keep tables and chairs orderly in the tents, if service persons are not available to keep them that way at the time.

9. HAVE FUN!!! Responsible service of alcohol is a serious business, but we must make this experience fun for the customers of the Shrimp Festival. If we are having fun, our customers will have fun too. If you are working a booth near a music stage and you like the music, dance it up! 

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