Things to KNOW

Please report directly to your booth at least fifteen minutes before you are scheduled.

WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! (Your feet may get wet!)

This year, several booths are on asphalt, besides that we are working with lots of ice and water. When it gets busy both are flying!! It helps to keep a few flattened boxes to place where you are standing sometimes to reduce the impact of standing on hard surfaces for four hours.


T Shirts will be issued to volunteers when they arrive at their booth for their shift. Since you are ambassadors for the Chamber of Commerce, we request that you wear your T shirt during your shift(s). This identifies you as a Chamber of Commerce/Shrimp Festival volunteer. If you need direction to your booth, the Volunteer Check In Booth is located main entrance to Festival). They can direct you to the booth you are scheduled to work if you need to ask them where it is.  

I'm not scared . How do I sign up?


Site Map & Booth Locations

Beer Tent Site Map 2019 (pdf)