What Sellers Do


1.  Check ID for ANY person you even think may not be of legal age to purchase alcohol. Our rule of thumb is if they appear to be of 30 or less. Perhaps you know them to be of legal age; in that case we are not that stringent. If you do not, do not hesitate to ask for them to show ID if there is ANY question in your mind. If a person appears to be intoxicated, DO NOT sell to them! If you are unsure in any way, ask or call upon your Captain to assist. If an ID appears to have been tampered with, DO NOT sell to the person, ask or call upon your Captain over to assist.

2.  Do not allow any hands except for your fellow seller, Captain, or Shrimp Festival Chairperson in your cash drawer. Any exceptions must be allowed only by Renee' Jones or Sam Washington, 2019 Concessions Chairmen, or Spencer Cade, 2019 Shrimp Festival Chairman. Keep your monies organized! At each shift change, all the money must be collected and bagged. If the bills are not organized according to denomination and faced as best as possible, margin for error grows.

3.  Do not allow any person to step behind the designated sales area you occupy except authorized persons listed above, or duly authorized law enforcement officers. Ticket purchasers must move to the sides to be served by the handlers. At times of high traffic, it will be all you can do to sell tickets to purchasers.

4.  You may sell any number of tickets to a purchaser as they want at that time. If they want to purchase a dozen tickets at a time, GREAT!! All tickets sold are good at any booth, at any time, in the festival for all four days. However, no customer may redeem more than two tickets for beers at a time. Selling multiple numbers of tickets eases your number of transactions. Talk it up! Some customers will be there all four days and will appreciate this time saving practice.

5.  Do not sell tickets past 10 PM, even if your bank has not been collected yet, unless instructed by your Captain to do so.

6.  Please assist, whether or not you are asked, to help keep tables and chairs orderly in the tents, if service persons are not available to keep them that way at the time.

7.        VERY IMPORTANT!! All our products are priced at $6.00. Help keep an eye on the amount of one dollar bills you have because they go fast. Let your Captain know if you're running low.  Also upsell! Ask your customers if they want more than one ticket to save time later.

8.        MOST IMPORTANT!! When stating the amount owed, always say PLEASE! (That's $12.00 please, or that will be $12.00 please, or please ma'am or sir.) At the end of the transaction always say THANK YOU, or THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE, or THANK YOU FOR COMING THIS YEAR. Please Do NOT let the person leave without being thanked.

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