Gratuities or Tips


 This is a VOLUNTEER operation. Accepting tips for personal profit is frowned upon, as it violates the spirit of what we are there to do. There will be two tip buckets prepared specially for each location that properly identify all tips go to charity.

Signage for 8 different charities is also provided for each bucket allowing your shift to determine a charity.  If you prefer to collect for a charity other than listed, you must email us well in advance and your entire shift volunteers must agree.  If you'd like to bring your own tip buckets you are welcome to do so but please be sure they are not glass and that they are properly weighted.  In the past we have provided signage for the following charities (and we designate local charities only):  American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, Baldwin County Humane Society (BARC), American Heart Association, Coastal Baldwin Educational Enrichment Foundation (CBEE), Share the Beach (Sea Turtle Volunteer Program), and South Baldwin Literacy Council. For instance, the Parrot Head teams have in the past collected tips to be donated to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and have a great time doing it

We want you to be recognized for your donations. There will be ziploc bags provided at each booth in which tips can be placed and marked accordingly, then collected and banked at the end of each shift. This is for two reasons; security of the cash, and also during Festival we are often in severe need of ones and fives. Allowing us to bank from the tip bags ensures we have sufficient change for our concession and retail booths during the entire event.Shortly after the Festival, we will assemble the teams that want to be recognized and have press releases prepared and photos taken with the oversize Chamber Check setting out your charity and the amount donated to ensure they get the recognition in the media they deserve!

It is one of the ways you and our Chamber are giving back to our community.